Hardbarger Bonfire 2007

Saturday, October 27th @ 5PM

Bonfire Overview

Jennifer and I are throwing another party on our hill. This years event is being downgraded to a sensible amount of people and (depending on how much you drink) "BYO-Boozay". We've supplied the kegs in the past, but this years party is going to be a bit more sensible and quite smaller. This doesn't mean that it will be less fun, au contrair; I actually think this years party will be the funnest one yet.

The goal of this years event is to have good / clean fun. So please do attend this years bonfire and by all means, bring a friend or two. If you are reading this page, then consider yourself cordially invited by me. :) If you wish to drink exotic drinks, please bring them with you as well. I will probably purchase a party ball or something, but we've decided that we are not buying a keg this year. Unfortunately, many of our friends and family can't attend this fall party, therefore we are already considering a spring party... keg will be included for that one.

Bring the Kids

For all of you with kids, give your babysitter the night off and bring the kids to the bonfire. This years event is "family friendly" and kids are encouraged to attend. Of course flashlights, coats, kid chairs, marshmallows, and other kid-friendly paraphernalia is encouraged. We'll have some juices and drinks, but it is limited to "first come first serve". Keep in mind that the kids can play in the woods and run around the hill freely, so be sure they dress appropriately (ie. poison ivy). I know our girls are excited to set up the tent to play "camping" (it's a kid thang I guess). I'm even thinking about doing a haunted hay ride through the woods this year; I've always wanted to do that... We'll see.


From Northeast Columbus: Follow 161E all the way to exit 146. 161E turns into 16E right before Granville, so you never have to turn off of the main road. Thank ODOT for that!

From Central Columbus: Follow I 70E to SR 79N. Take 79N to 16E and keep going until you get to exit 146.

For all of my tech-savvy friends... just print your own directions and quit bugging me: :)

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Once you've made it to the 146 exit, you will see a gas station on the right. You are literally 1/2 of a mile from the party. Turn right off of the exit and then right again at the first street (Toboso Rd). Our farm is 1/4 mile down the road on the left. Again, you'll see signs...


The parking arrangements are as follows:

  • Pull up the driveway
  • Turn left before the barn
  • Turn right behind the barn
  • Drive strait ahead until you see other cars
  • Park beside a car

If those directions scare you, don't worry there will be signs.


I plan on bringing my djimbe (it's a drum) up on the hill and encourage anybody with such skills to bring their instruments as well. If nobody brings any instruments, it's T100 (country music) all night long. Consider yourself warned... That's just how we do it out here. :P

Camping Arrangements

Initially we had planned on setting up our tent and camping, but as it turns out, we need to be up and out of here early in the morning. Therefore I will be kicking everybody off of the property around 9AM sharp! If you do camp on the hill, please be up and at 'em so that Jennifer and I can leave here with no worries. I apologize for the change in plans, but do hope you understand. Nobody is sleeping in the house this year... that is just too weird for us anymore. :)